In celebration of API/A Heritages Month, we present a gallery of artwork from current students and alumni showcasing both our varied and shared cultural identities.

Grace Mitsuye Farley '17

"Being mixed race has made me feel a lot of ways: confused, envious, conflicted; proud, dynamic, balanced. I have looked inward and outward, examining my place in the world as white, as Asian, as mixed. One thing that brings me peace is seeing myself reflected in my family: I am mixed, and so are they. The series of art I have been working on since my senior art show at Swarthmore in 2017 has focused on this revelation and reflection. Some of these are from '17, others were made post graduation."

Bite/Peter Qiu '24

"All works under the Ohara school of ikebana."

Liya Chang '24

linger, digital, 2021, 3202x2400

linger, digital, 2021

flicker, digital, 2021, 2000x2857

flicker, digital, 2021

Jane Huynh '22